4 Step Guide of How to Take Care of Leather Your Moccasins

Do you have a couple pairs of leather shoes, specifically moccasins that you are worried about getting ruined because you are unsure as to how you can take care of them? Well we got you covered! We all know getting a good high quality shoe does not come cheap, so doing what we can to keep our shoes as good as new should be a massive priority for all. 
To make your lives easier, we will be providing you with the perfect 4 step guide that will have you bring your pair of leather shoes back to their original condition.  Now you have no need to purchase a new pair when you can simply bring your current pair of moccasins back to their original state!

Keep the Shoes Cleaned 

Try your best to always be cleaning anything such as the dust that might have stuck to the shoe upon each usage. You can keep your shoes clean by simply washing the surface with saddle soap and warm water and using a form of light brush or sponge. After washing the shoes, make sure you air dry them thoroughly, best if done at room temperature. A Lot of heat will get the job done and dry your shoe quicker but it will also your leather.  

Polish the Leather After Cleaning

After you properly clean your moccasins, it is now time to apply polish.  Always make sure the surface is thoroughly clean when going in with the leather polish.  You need to make sure that the colour of your polish matches the leather on your moccasins as closely as possible.  It is recommended that you use wax based polish for your leather because it will improve the colour of your shoe and also add an added level of pigmented leather protection.  We encourage everyone to regularly clean and polish your leather moccasins to ensure that they stay good as new!


The last and most important step is make sure that after cleaning and polishing your leather moccasins and when you are done using them, you have to make sure that you store them appropriately.  According to research, the first couple hours after you wear your shoes, the leather begins to dry up and takes its own shape, this can make them look worn down and deflated.  What you can do to prevent your leather from losing its shape is to invest in shoe trees and put them inside your shoe and store them in a box when you are not using them. 

Freshen and Deodorize

This step is totally optional but we also encourage everyone to use shoe fresheners or deodorants that will keep your shoes smelling fresh and clean.   The natural alternative is to use baking soda and pour a little bit into the moccasin and let it sit overnight. Then simply shake out all the baking soda the next day and this will leave your shoes smelling good as new!
Hopefully all the suggestions will help you to take the best care of the leather moccasins that you already have or will be purchasing in the future!.  Head over to our website and place an order now! Click here
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